Who does not like to watch films? Everyone loves to see their favorite actor perform at the best of his ability and entertain them. Of course, they do deserve their millions. However, do the fans realize the amount of hard work put in by these actors? These actors had to struggle a lot in their earlier days.

There could have been days where they might not have had proper food to eat. However, their tenacious attitude has seen them persevere with their passion.

This has brought them the riches.

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One must also admire the sacrifices made by these actors on the personal front to reach this position in life. Let us look at the top ten richest actors in the world. A couple of names can surprise you because they do not belong to Hollywood. One always associates Hollywood with having the richest actors. However, these two actors representing the Bollywood film industry are two of the greatest icons in their industry.

Here is the exalted list of top 10 richest actors in the world as of for you.

top 10 richest kannywood actors in 2020

Clint Eastwood, the star of the cowboy movies in Hollywood opens the list at No He has the credit for introducing a different dimension to Hollywood films by making this clan famous.

One can always experience a great thrill whenever one sees a Clint Eastwood movie. You can always expect to watch some dramatic horse riding tricks and a deep insight into the Red Indian way of life.

This versatile actor had to struggle a lot in his earlier years as well before striking it big. The No 9 spot in the lost goes to this no-nonsense actor from movies like Da Vinci Code and the others. We are referring to Tom Hanks. As it is the book is a controversial one. To act in a movie based on the book requires a great deal of guts.Some of the most popular actors in the world are worth more than a half-billion dollars!

Below are the 20 richest actors of all time in the film industry, as of Brad Pitt is an American film producer and actor from Oklahoma. Robert De Niro is an actor loved by many, for both his past and present work.

Top 10 Richest Kannywood Actors and Actresses

Robert Downey Jr. He is known for his incredible career as an actor. Today Robert Downey Jr. Will Smith is an American actor, film producer, and rapper. Smith was a millionaire before he turned Smith was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for his records breaking three premiers in 24 hours. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.

Michael Douglas is an American producer and actor from New Jersey. He has become known as one of the biggest shakers and movers in Hollywood. He is ranked to be the 16th richest actor of all time.

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Tom Hanks is an American producer and actor. We bet everybody loves Tom Hanks, right? And he has the money to prove it. He is most popularly known as the first person to portray the legendary James Bond character. Keanu Charles Reeves is a Canadian actor, director, producer, and musician. Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong actor, producer, and director.

top 10 richest kannywood actors in 2020

He started his career as an actor at the age of five. His amazing performances have gained him an incredible net worth. You change your circumstances. Clint Eastwood is an American director, producer, and actor from San Francisco. He won the Academy Award for the best director and producer for his films including Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby InKannywood actors stepped up their acting game by several notches. While some actors displayed better and improved acting skills compared to previous years, others made their production and directorial debut.

Each year, several actors venture into Kannywood film industry, but only a few of them stand out. In Kannywood, these actors called the shots, held the ace and were much loved by their teeming Instagram fans. He was the first Kannywood actor to be verified on Twitter.

He starred in the most number of films than his Kannywood peers in A recipient of the Afronolly Awards in the United Kingdom, he was also invited as special guest for the awards this year. This movie star is also an astute businessman. He hosts the first video on demand website for viewing and lending his films online.

Not a few are aware that the year-old star is a polyglot; he speaks Hausa, English, Hindu, and French fluently. At 35, this skilled actor has done pretty well for himself.

Popularly called Gambo in Kannywood, this flamboyant screen actor fits perfectly into any role. He has overfans on Instagram. Popularly called the Prince of Zango, Adam Zango occupies the number three spot on our countdown.

A fine producer and actor, Zango is known for his unique dance and music skills. A great actor, he was phenomenal in He has a flourishing Instagram fan base ofRabiu is dubbed the father of fathers in Kannnywood, because of the fatherly roles he takes up in movies. Suleiman Bosho was tipped as the next Ibro of Kannywood because of his uproarious approach to acting. He won several awards and recognition for his comical acting style.

Although he is still struggling to make an impact on Instagram, with fans, he was exceptional in the movies, Basaja, Kujerar tsakar gida, Mahaukaciya, Masu Gudu Su Gudu. Nuhu Abdullahi is unarguably one the most promising Kannywood actors today. This Kannywood singer turned actor was sensational this year. He was also at his best in the movies, Har da Mijina, Mijin Kaddara, and many others.

He has overfollowers on Instagram. This year Dorayi was incredible; he acted impressively and hilariously in the films Dankuka, Ramlat, Hudu Bazara, Na Hawwa, Umar sanda and many others. Ado Gwanjo is one Kannywood actor who lights up the screen any day and any time.

In the movie, Dankuka, this fine actor delivered a sterling performance. A newbie on Instagram, he has over fans. A child star, he was nominated in the best child actor category in the Kannywood awards, which was held in January. Although a young lad, he is fast attaining superstar status. Ahmad starred alongside Adam Zango in the film.

He has over 57, fans on Instagram. Now available on. All rights reserved. Related News. Coronavirus Quiz:. More in Kannywood.

Top News. Classified Ads.Today Korea is a giant industry when the matter comes to television shows as well as dramas or films. What have strengthened media in the country are amazingly skilled Korean performers, Korean on-screen characters, etc. Nowadays, Korean actors are remunerated a lot, and however the difference among actors and actresses of the country in respect to compensation is not big but still male Korean celebrities gets more popularity and fame.

Through all the payment they get for their performance in episode, they even gross more from their success meetings with admirers. Few of these actors are tremendously endowed with their work and have grossed reputation all over the world.

top 10 richest kannywood actors in 2020

You may be confused about the details of richest Korean actors ingo through below sections to get complete idea:. Ji Chang Wook is basically a South Korean actor, chiefly prominent throughout the country. This Korean actor received fame after performing the lead character in in drama series entitled Smile Again. Ji started his acting career in musical theatre initially and later made his onscreen debut in year film entitled Days… as well as he did a small role in year television drama entitled You Stole My Heart.

Besides, he is one the greatest good-looking performing professionals in Korea. Lee Jong Suk is essentially an eminent actor from South Korea. Lee started his debut in year as a runway model, transforming as the youngest male model till date to partake in Seoul Fashion Week. Lee did major at Konkuk University in Professional Motion Pictures Art at and later he earned graduation degree from the university in year Apart from actor, Lee is too a renowned model, possessing high fan following.

Through drama series, he has even been stayed as host at several shows, as well as he appeared in some movies. He initially rose to prominence in the historical drama entitled Sungkyunkwan Scandal of year and the show entitled Running Man as one of the unique cast associates when it was released in year Song performed his initial TV leading character in the melodrama entitled The Innocent Man in year Lee Min Ho is considered to be a multitalented celebrity from Korea as he is a singer, an actor, and a model.

However his reputation developed when he did giant role in the Boys over Flowers that essentially bestowed him with several awards.

Lee Min Ho began auditioning and performed in minor roles in many television dramas like Nonstop 5 and Recipe of Love. Names of prevalent drama series he has contributed are Personal Faith, The Heirs, and City Hunter, apart from that he performed as a lead actor in Gangnam Heirs which is actually one of the widespread Korean films. Yoo Ah In is also included among the greatest attractive entertainers in entire Korea.Acting is a profession which takes you to the heights.

So, due to this most of the people want to become actors. As, they can earn a lot from acting. They can make money out of this acting job so want to adopt acting as their profession. Many actors in their present lives are too rich.

As now a days money has become the basic requirement. Actors not only earn money but also get fame.

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So, this is how they become richer and even rule the world whether those are Bollywood or Hollywood actors. Tom Hanks was born on July 9, He lives in California which is the city of United States. He is a great actor and not only an actor but a director and a producer as well. This actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks came into the industry with the low fiscal estimation. Tom Hanks has a total net worth of million dollars which enlist him in the top richest actors of Hollywood world.

He has also won many other awards along with winning the heart of the people. He is an artistic mind person who has proved himself in different fields of the industry like in direction, production, music.

He is also politician. He is numbered among the top richest actors of the Hollywood world and has a net worth of million dollars. Due to his mind boggling acting skills he has won many awards and is popular among the viewers.

He was born on 19th July He started his career as a Hollywood actor since and became the brilliant, actor, producer, author, musician, etc. He has a worth around million dollars so considered as the richer actor than most of the actors. Bill Cosby had gone through diverse altercations arraigned by several women for sexual onslaught and rape but beside all these controversies he is still the popular actor and is earning more than anybody can think.

Johnny Depp is an American celebrity who is an actor and a producer who is considered as one of the faddish actors in Hollywood movies. He has been appended in the list of top richest Hollywood actors in the world.

Johnny has given several blockbusters in his pursuit and gained popularity all over the world through his hits which include Pirates of the Caribbean series in which he is playing the main role, Mortdecai, Black Mass, Dark Shadows, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and A nightmare on Elm Street.

Top 3 Richest Kids In Nigeria Richer Than DANGOTE Kids

Sylvester Stallone is an American actor who came into the world on July 6, He has done nice work in the industry. He is beyond compare for his roles in Rambo and Rocky series.

Top 10 Richest Kannywood Actors and Actresses

He has acted in almost fifty or more movies till now. And the movies are a big hits which have taken him to the sky and helped him in earning that much money. Tyler Perry was born on 13th September and is working in American industry since He is a multi-talented actor as he is a director, producer, screen writer, author, song writer and a wonderful actor.

He is the maker of different t. He is one of most popular and famous personality in the Hollywood. He is also a well-known stage actor and is ruling the industry by receiving different awards for his unique acting skills. He was born on April 22, Jack Nicholson is an actor of Hollywood who has that much wealth which makes him to avail all the luxuries of life.Kannywood is hausa indeginous film industry based in Kano state of Nigeria.

The industry comprises numerous talented actors and actresses from different section of Northern Nigeria and beyond which many have went far as been famous all over the world. Our community GobirMob. Below are the list in chronological order. Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya is the tenth among kannywood richest stars, the beautiful charming actress has made good name for herself in the industry. Hadiza Gabon came ninth among the kannywood richest stars.

Nafisa Abdullahi came eight and second among the richest kannywood actresses. She produces films of her own share. Sadik Sani Sadik is the seventh among kannywood richest stars. He is among kannywood multiple award wining actors. Sani danja is sixth among the stars.

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He has a mansion at Abuja. He obtained lot of money inwhen he helped the then president during champaign. Halima Atete is the fifth among kannywood richest stars and first among actresses. The Kogi state born has for a while been producing films with her own capital. Musician Nura M. Inuwa is the fourth among kannywood richest personalities, He releases two music albums in a year, which was said fetches him about 25 milions of naira. He predominantly delved to doing ceremony songs which source tells he charges two hundred thousand naira for a song, and too, in a week he can record five of such songs.

Dauda Kahutu Rarara fell to third among the richest kannywood personalities, since the past election, the political singer has acquired a mighty Mansion along Zoo Road Kano. Adam A. Zango is kannywood star that came second among the ricest stars. He finished building a gigantic Mansion at Kaduna, the best actor charges a milion and half when invited to an occasion and he visits such occasions three times a month. He charges three hundred thousand naira before he appeared in a film, before atlast he increased the amount to five hundred thousand naira.

He acts in about four films a month and He is an ambassador of MTN company. Adam A Zango obtained about five milion naira a month. Ali Nuhu is the richest kannywood star. He has a mighty mansion and a Hotel at Bauchi, an ambassador to about seven companies.Like any other profession, acting has earned many film stars a fortune in life.

It is not a secret that film celebrities are some of the wealthiest people in the world, but have you ever wondered how much your favorite actor is worth? Who are the richest actors in the world in ? Image: gettyimages. Hollywood and Bollywood are the top movie industries in the world, known for producing not only the best films but also some of the most talented and wealthiest actors in the world. Here is a list of highest net worth actors in Their net worth is also an indication of how lucrative the film industry is.

The American actresses have earned a lot from their career. The fraternal twins own a retail empireDualstar Entertainment Group, established in The company produces movies, TV shows, magazines, video games, and other media. The former professional bodybuilder is a global icon when it comes to acting. He starred in the Terminator franchise, Commandoand True Liesamong others. Arnold Schwarzenegger is also the world's richest bodybuilder. He served as the 38th Governor of Califonia from Sylvester Stallone is an American film director, screenwriter, and producer with exceptional acting skills.

He has appeared in more than 40 filmsincluding RockyRamboand The Expendables. Apart from acting, Jack Nicholson is also a renowned producer and writer. Nicholson's net worth has earned him a place in the list of top ten richest actors in the world.

Amitabh Bachchan is an Indian star, former politician, producer, and broadcaster. When it comes to wealth, the Bollywood icon has what it takes to compete with top Hollywood personalities. Fifth on the list is American comedian and film producer, Adam Sandler.